fairquote - one touch travel

Fairquote brings a new and innovative concept to you – organize your travel that you find what you are looking for.

We at first introduced some great designs and grafics to show you the choices, then we narrow choices down to something meaningful.

Presenting Fairquote Design

here you find our graphics and ideas to summarize flight tables in a simple way. Very complex information is squeezed into simple info boxes or bubbles. Food for thought.


Our weekly newsletter

Fairquote is going to use a weekly newsletter to inform about travel support and the latest developments to take out the burden of today's engines preventing a straight forward travel experience.
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ITB Berlin 2012 - 5000 new city-pairs

By adding 5000 new citypairs Fairquote and Hitchhiker ramp up the availability of immediate search results for travellers. All departures ex Germany, Switzerland and Austria, with over 3.5 million travelpoints covered, are set live for ITB Berlin 2012. Just the city of Berlin has about 1'000 citypairs to connect Germanys Capital with the world. Try it by entering Berlin-AnyCity.coop and you will see an instant result of a travel market unique to this citypair.

fairquote goes hitchhiking

Fairquote welcome

Geneva, 12. September 2011 fairquote cooperative announces its co-operation with Hitchhiker travel services, located in Frankfurt, Germany. Over 2500 citypairs are live in a test environment.